Friday, January 17, 2003

Look Who's Back. Sorry for the long delay... life has been pretty hectic of late. First of all, I've started school again. Yes, the luxurious winter break is over, and it's back to the grind. And what a grind it is, let me tell you. Still, I'm enjoying my classes so far. This semester I'm taking Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and Property. Only the last one lacks any inherent interest to me, but the readings have been surprisingly engaging so far. It shouldn't surprise anyone who reads this site that I'm jazzed about Constitutional Law. It's probably the most overtly political course I've taken so far, although the class discussion has been rather dry so far. Only slightly less political than Con Law is Criminal Law. Class discussion has also been pretty light, which is a shame, because the professor is a raging liberal. It would be a lot of fun to get into these issues. We actually read a case involving Huey P. Newton, which is a name I recognize mainly from listening to Public Enemy. I must do some research on that guy when I get around to it.

Anyway, there's loads of stuff to discuss in the political sphere. Bush has been having a pretty shitty New Year, so far. His tax plan is in trouble. Even Republicans are grumbling about it. His North Korea policy has been exposed, publicly, as an utter failure. I wondered a couple weeks ago if Bush would have to announce a new policy in his upcoming State of the Union address. Well, he has a new policy already. It's pretty much indistinguishable from the Clinton policy which conservatives considered to be far too weak. So, we've got terrorism, the peace process in Israel and North Korea, just off the top of my head... how many other Clinton policies did Bush abandon and then incorporate wholesale after reality popped him in the face? It's funny that foreign policy was basically considered a weakness of Clinton's (the previous President Bush famously remarked during the 1992 campaign that his dog Millie knew more about foreign policy than Clinton and Gore), and yet Bush's biggest blunders have all been caused by repudiate Clinton's policy, and they've been rectified by adopting Clinton's policies. I think, once again, history will smile far more favorably on William Jefferson Clinton than most people would expect.

I've been meaning to do a big movie post comparing Gangs of New York, the movie I wanted to see on Christmas, with Catch Me If You Can, the movie I did see on Christmas. I still hope to get around to that. [Here's a prevew: "Gangs" rocked hard, "Catch" was lame.] Of course, there's also the Bond Project, which has beened stalled for quite some time now. I hope I don't have to sit through Moonraker again. I really want to get that series finished so I can move on to another film analysis project. I don't know if I want to start with Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, or Stanley Kubrick. Of course, Oscar season is almost upon us. There's going to be a lot of bitching to do, as usual.

I also really want to post my defense of affirmative action. Here's the nutshell: opponents of racial preferences are very keen to eliminate the meager advantages our society offers minorities, but are staunchly opposed to liminating the significant disadvantages. Why is that? Even with affirmative action, minorities get (to say the least) a raw deal. They get screwed by the tax system, and especially screwed (and often literally killed) by the criminal justice system. Fairness is great, but I sincerely doubt that fairness is the true goal of these anti-affirmative action crusaders. I know this stance will piss off my privileged middle-class suburban white friends, but so be it.

All of this has been put on hold by the fact that my parents (with whom, at the age of 25, I still live) have just moved from one suburban town in Camden County to another. That was a hellish experience, but it's mostly over now, and the new house isn't a total dump. Expect more from me shortly. I have a wireless internet connection at school now, so my internet usage will be much more flexible while at Rutgers. That's clutch.

Thanks for hanging on, to those of you who have. Stay tuned for posts on all of the above topics, and more. If you're not interested in any of those, drop me an email and let me know if there's something you'd like to discuss. It's all about communication, baby. Use those comments!! Talk to you soon!